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ABOUT Verbal Ase...

Adym S. Evans (aka Verbal ASE) is a one-of-a-kind vocal phenom.  More than a beatboxer, he's a hybrid singer, rapper, impressionist, sound effects and loop artist –like no other performer you’ve ever seen.


Verbal Ase COMBINES beatboxing, rapping, singing, sound effects and other improvised vocalizations to create one-of-a-kind LIVE-IN-PERSON remixes of popular Top Ten music hits and cartoon theme song mash-ups.

Often compared to his childhood idol Michael Winslow – of Police Academy fame – Verbal Ase takes beatboxing to a whole new level never before seen. If you combine Winslow’s sound effects with Bobby McFerrin’s vocalization talents and had DJ Avecci mix them together at 140 beats per minute – you’d have Verbal Ase.

The combination of viral video success and several television appearances have catapulted Adym's career to new heights and after more than a year of quarantine is very excited to explore the new possibilities that await in our post-pandemic world. 

"That's not a helicopter in the subway, it's this insanely talented beatboxer – Verbal ASE."

The Gothamist

"[An] entertaining beat boxer...and it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that he tends to draw a crowd."

Huffington Post

"Just an unbelievable talent like we've never out for him on a TV near you soon."

Time OUT Magazine

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